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Bring Back The Classic Wiggle Styles!

There’s nothing better than discovering dresses you can slip into and feel instantly gorgeous. Whether you’re heading to the office, for drinks after work, or even out on a date night, showcasing your curves is a look that never goes out of style! With that in mind, there’s one classic style in particular that we’re championing right now. That’s right ladies, it’s time to bring back the pencil wiggle dress!


What Is A Wiggle Dress?

Simply, any dress which has a hemline that’s narrower than your waist is referred to as a wiggle dress. That’s because this type of fabulous figure-hugging skirt allows the wearer to take small, elegant strides only resulting in a charming wiggle in your hips as you walk! There are many styles of wiggle dress from sultry off-the-shoulder pinup styles to more classically formal ones like our beautiful Pleated Front, 1940’s Vintage Wiggle Dress. This icon design is as coveted now as it was in the 1940s! It has a stunning vintage-inspired look, with an elegant boat neckline and draped, pleated detailing on the bodice for good measure! The metallic buttons are perfectly positioned to highlight the chic wrap styling too. Wear yours with a classic pair of heeled black pumps for the ultimate office ensemble!


Who Wears Wiggle Dresses?

Just about everyone from Hollywood stars to your neighbors. Lawyers, moms, office girls, Duchess, First Lady, it is the versatile dress for everyone to look professional and chic at the same time. 

1950s vintage clothing dress pinup fashion

What Makes Wiggle Dresses So Flattering?

Now, if you’ve never tried a wiggle dress before, you can trust us, you’re about to fall head over heels in love! If you have but it’s been a while since you last sashayed along feeling utterly fabulous in one, you’re about to remember all of the reasons why you adored them in the first place. From the form-fitting bodice to the iconic slimline skirt and tapered hem, there’s a style of wiggle dress to suit every figure! The Unique Galaxy fishtail pencil dress with pleated sleeves is an excellent place to start! This outstanding dress exudes 1950’s glamour with its timeless puff sleeves, square neckline and fishtail detailing on the back of the hemline. That stunning detail is also highlighted by black vintage style buttons. Slip into this custom made fifties wiggle dress and admire your beautifully defined waistline and curves which are smoothed to perfection!


Achieve Your Vintage Wiggle Dress Dreams With This Heart My Closet Favorite!

We adore each and every wiggle dress on our site of course! That said, the Deborah pleated back pencil dress always holds a special place in our hearts. This dreamy 1950's inspired dress exudes elegance with its outstanding pencil shape, subtle V-back neckline, and chic dark grey fabric. It also boasts three quarter length sleeves which are perfect for styling with gloves. If all this wasn’t enough, the Deborah dress is certain to steal your heart with its statement dark red buttons running the length of the back. You’ll feel transported back in time the moment you step into this unmissable dress and can guarantee, all eyes will be firmly fixed on you! Style yours with coordinating burgundy pumps and gloves for added 1950s style points!  

1950s vintage fashion wiggle dress 




Pat said:

The 1950’s was the last decade were women dressed like women and men dressed like men.
The fashion, especially for the ladies was sexy and alluring all the time even for casual wear.
I wish we could go back to those days.

Stanley Thomas

Stanley Thomas said:

YES. I absolutely love this and I love you , you know what you’re doing and keep doing it 🖤🖤🖤


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