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Have you been looking for a fun and exciting way to spice up your outfits and add an extra retro-flare to your everyday look? If so, you should take some time to look at women’s styles that were celebrated in the past.

History tends to repeat itself - especially in the world of fashion.

Vintage and retro clothes are as popular as ever before in the women’s clothing industry, and you are just in time to enjoy these trends and fads by adding some great pieces to your daily outfits. 

Whether you’re into looks from the 50s or 80s, there is truly something to be found for every taste in these retro styles. 

For some great women’s outfit inspiration, read on to see how you can add a vintage twist to your day to day style!

Women’s Dresses

Who doesn’t love dresses? Women’s clothing is unique and seems to always register the change of trends by the types of dresses worn as they are usually the telling factor.

The vintage dress looks listed below can provide women with some great outfit ideas for any occasion!

1. Wrap Dresses

A great retro look that is oh-so-flattering to any body shape is the wrap dress. There is no wonder that this women’s style has made a reappearance in recent outfit trends!

Wrap dresses come in all colors and designs and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. They tie to fit your shape and make for a great, vintage addition to your closet.

2. Long Dresses

Long and maxi dresses are also a style that women seem to turn to. These vintage styles are the perfect outfit for the summer and can really give off some great and relaxed vibes to fit the season. 

3. Fit and Flare Dresses

For a fun and flirty look, shop for fit and flare dresses. Not only are these women’s styles more flattering than other cuts, but they are also the perfect style to check off all of your vintage and modern wants for your closet!

Women’s Bottoms

The pants worn during the past decades are also clear markers of some popular women’s fashion trends that have made their way back into our everyday styles. Your retro outfit needs can be completed just by choosing the right bottoms to wear!

4. Pencil Skirts

Women’s business and professional outfits can also be changed up with the help of these vintage pieces. 

Pencil skirts will flatter all your curves in the best way while still making you feel like you’re in charge! 

5. Swing Skirts

A 1950’s era staple, swing skirts are characterized by their wide, flowing cut. These skirts make for perfect vintage style outfit ideas, especially when paired with a cute pussybow blouse!

Swing skirts are generally cut above the knee or calf-length. Wear with kitten heels and you’re ready for a night out dancing!

6. Wide Leg Pants

This cut of bottoms is also a great way to rock some retro outfits while still fitting in with the times. 

Wide leg pants are a great addition to your business-casual wardrobe and will make you stand out in any crowd!

7. Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are also a clearly vintage style that has lasted the test of time. Put these on and you’ll feel like you took a step back to the past – and you are going to look great doing it!

Women’s Tops

Now that you know what vintage bottoms were popular, let’s move on to the tops that can complete your outfit. 

8. Blouses

There are some blouses that are definitely more vintage than others, but the general style comes from decades ago.

Blouses are perfect for just about any occasion and are a great way to add that little vintage flare into your daily outfits. 

9. Puff Sleeve Shirts

This outfit idea is perfect for the businesswomen out there. This look is a wonderful combination of vintage and professional and can be paired with just about any bottoms to complete the outfit. 

10. Shoulder Pads

While these may seem dated, there are some shoulder pad looks that have made a reappearance. 

Women’s shoulder pads are a little more subtle, but will still give your top that vintage look you’re aiming for. 

11. Blazers

Power suits and blazers are a retro piece of clothing perfect for women in charge. These outfits have stayed around for a reason and will make you feel like a boss!

12. Silk Shirts

These retro shirts are a great way to branch out and add some new fabrics to your closet. The tops are adorned with beautiful designs on a unique material that will make for a great statement piece in any closet!

Women’s Accessories

Women’s vintage looks don’t have to stop at just clothes! There are so many different ways to accessorize with these retro inspired outfits.

13. Swatch Watches

A defining accessory back in the day was a Swatch Watch. Adding this small piece is an easy way to give your outfit that little extra push it may need!

14. Big Sunglasses

Luckily, oversized shades are just as popular now as they were back in the day! 

Any outfit idea that you can think of will only be made better by adding some big sunglasses to the mix. 

15. Mood Rings 

Women’s mood rings, made popular in the 70s, are another retro accessory that can quickly add some vintage inspiration to your entire outfit ensemble. 

16. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings will never go out of style and can quickly make you feel like a girl boss. These earrings have always been a defining characteristic of women’s styles and are one of the easiest ways to take your outfit to the next level.

Women’s Clothing Designs and Patterns

Fabrics and prints were a big part of vintage styles and should top your list when looking for new decades-inspired outfit ideas.

17. Animal Prints

Cheetah, leopard, snakeskin – you name it!

Animal prints were a defining design element of vintage women’s clothing and are great way to pay homage to the past decades in your clothing collection.

18. Plaid

You may not even know that this outfit idea was from the past because it is still popular today!

A great way to add some casual, vintage style to your outfit is by adding some plaid. You can even take it a step further by rocking some plaid bottoms – a clear tribute to women’s vintage style. 

19. Tie Dye

Have you ever once gone to a decade’s party without someone rocking some tie dye? The answer is most likely no, because this design is so representative of those times and can be found when looking for almost any retro outfit ideas!

Tie dye is making a fast return into the women’s fashion scene because it is such a fun way to add a pop of color to just about any outfit while still celebrating those retro looks. 

These outfit ideas are meant to provide you with some unique and easy ways that you can change up your current look. 

The great thing about women’s vintage clothes is that many of them are so compatible with current trends. You can mix and match these looks with your own preferences while still paying homage to the great, retro styles we love!

August 07, 2020 by Cynthia L


Dani Ross

Dani Ross said:

Good morning!
In 2024, I will be a character in our local festival and need to get my “wardrobe” put together. I need:
○ Business Jacket that can be worn day or evening
○ Solid color sheath dress short for day
○ Skirts
○ Pants
I found your website because I was searching Vintage looks. There are a few styles that I am deciding about, but before I do, I want to ask if it is possible to include pants in a custom order.
I will need everything to be Navy. Because I need pants, I would just like to have it all from the same fabric. Please let me know.
Dani Ross

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